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Service Information

  • Name: International Business & Trade Services

International business & trade


 GENERAL assistance with International trade and its regulation, import and export matters, customs processes/entries and exits, global supply chain, logistics and transport, freight forwarder/broker services and processes, insurance and risk, economic sanctions regulations, international contracts and incoterms, internal compliance investigations and risk assessments, external customs /export audits, training and managing export teams, all kind of administrative and legal requirements per products and per countries, international tax regulations and international taxes, transfer pricing, AML & CFT compliance, trade compliance, Intellectual Property, etc.



  • Basic or complex consultations in international trade Advice on Legislation and sector regulations Technical / economic / commercial advice.
  • Consultations in international trade that require individualized solutions
  • Diagnosis of export potential
  • List of potential international clients
  • Individualized prospecting plan for international markets International negotiation / reports
  • International marketing / barriers / information sources / research
  • Reports markets / competition / distribution channels / etc
  • Reports of access to foreign markets:
  • Analysis and identification of possible markets
  • Study of Adaptability of products and the Company for export
  • Analysis and identification of foreign markets + List of potential clients
  • Customized sector information and according to depth of the report


Promotional actions:

  • Organization / management / audit commercial missions
  • Organization of exhibitions and fairs
  • Participation in various meetings, trade missions, exhibitions and fairs accompanying clients
  • Confection Databases national and international / sectorial companies and Geolocation of potential clients
  • Other reports and market studies.



International consultations:

  • Preparation / Review of international documentation for export
  • International Transport / Logistics Consulting / Logistic Chain
  • INCOTERMS Advice
  • International taxation of companies Information
  • Taxation of international trade Information
  • Consultation on Fees, Taxes, Tariffs, etc. any product / market
  • Consultation on risk management in operations / insurance
  • Check Payment methods
  • Advice on Investments and international real estate developments
  • Preparation / Review and clarification of international contracts of sale, agency, distribution, franchise, etc.
  • International recruitment / advice on the legal regime and obligations¬†/ responsibility / breach / resolution / international electronic contracting / etc
  • Constitution of companies abroad. Legal guidance for the implementation of Permanent Establishments and main steps
  • Product approvals / Adaptation to a specific country
  • Consultations Regime and labor mobility abroad. International taxation
  • Information on international judicial / arbitration proceedings



  • Paperwork in front of the Public Administrations Documents that can be processed:
  • ATA notebooks
  • Certificates of origin
  • Free Sale Certificates
  • Certificates in another language
  • Invoice visas
  • Legalization / Apostille of documents
  • Visas
  • Others



  • Translations / Interpretation
  • Hotel reservations / displacements / etc.
  • VIP security services
  • Complete Relocation services /International Relocation services /movement of personal goods
  • Market Place Services
  • Information on software tools for management
  • Others to be determined according to the Client’s needs